PIA Pakistan International Airlines UAE Office Contact Details

To contact PIA in UAE you can dial their toll-free 24 hours phone number mentioned right below or visit your nearest office in UAE, the airline has offices in all 8 states of the U.A.E.

8000 914 0002

In UAE, PIA has offices in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain. Here you will find for all previously mentioned states office contact number, email address, and physical office address.

PIA Dubai Office Contact

Deira Office

PIA Dubai office contact number: +9714-2222154 / 2220231 / 3166692.

Fax number: +9714-2226447.

Email address: dxbuupk@piac.com.pk

PIA Dubai office address: Khalifa Al Naboodah Bldg, Al Makhtoom Street, P.O.Box 12858, Dubai.

Cargo Department

Dubai cargo department phone number: +9714-2822151 / 2822152.

Cargo fax number: +9714-2822150.

Dubai Airport Office

PIA Dubai airport office is at the Cargo village in Terminal 1.

Other PIA Dubai Contact

Dubai Station manager phone number: +971.505502458 / +971.4.2287989 / +971.4.2220913.

DXB passenger sales manager number: +971.562290024 / +971.4.2230267.

Dubai sales manager email: dxburpk@piac.aero

Dubai ticket office manager phone number: +971.551208059 / +971.4.2220589.

Email address: dxbtopk@piac.aero

Ajman Office

Ajman Town Office

PIA Ajman office contact number: +9716-7423044 / 7423045 / 7423144.

Fax number: +9716-7455628.

PIA Ajman office address: Ah-Ahli Travel Tourist Agency, Sheikh, Rashid Bin Humaid St. P.O.Box 789, Ajman, UAE.

Cargo Department

Ajman cargo department number: +9716-7423044.

Fax number: +9716-7455628.

PIA Sharjah Office Contact

Sharjah Town Office

PIA Sharjah office contact number: +9716-5684411/5114270 /5680866.

Fax number: +9716-5683535.

PIA Sharjah office address: Sharjah National Travel Tourist, Agency, P.O. Box 17, UAE.

Cargo Department

Cargo phone number: +9716-5623616.

Fax number: +9716-5626478.

Al Ain Office

PIA Al Ain office telephone number: +9713-7659882 / 7659887 / 7215599 / 7660790.

Fax number: +9713-7641743.

Email address: aanuupk@piac.com.pk

Al Ain office address: P.O. Box 16026 Main Street, Near Clock Tower, Al-Ain, UAE.

Cargo phone number: +9713-7660790.

Fax number: +9713-7641743.

Sanaya office phone number: +9713-7215599.

Fax number: +9713-7213234.

Sanaya office address: PIA Sanaya.

Fujairah Office Contact

PIA Fujairah contact number: +9719-2222316 / 2222524.

Fax number: +9719-2222555.

Fujairah office address: Fujairah National Air Travel Agency, Faseel Street, P.O. Box 96, Fujairah.

Cargo phone number: +9719-2222316.

PIA Abu Dhabi Office Contact

PIA Abu Dhabi office contact number: +9712-6352600 / 6352601 / 6352611.

Fax number: +9712-6351503.

Email address: auhuupk@piac.com.pk

PIA Abu Dhabi office address: Harib Tower, Opposite Etisalat Head office Sheikh Makhtoum Road P.O. Box 72670 Abu Dhabi.

Cargo phone number: +9712-6336670.

Ras Al Khaimah Office

Ras Al Khaimah office phone number: +9717-2281096 / 2281536.

Fax number: +9717-2281255.

Office address: Ras Al Khaimah National Travel, Agency, P.O. Box 5214, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Umm AL Quwain Office

Umm AL Quwain office contact number: +9716-7656615 / 7656652.

Fax number: +9716-7655549.

Office address: UNTA P.O Box 601 Umm AL Quwain, UAE.

About The Airline

Founded in 1946, PIA is the national airline of Pakistan with its head office in Islamabad and Karachi. The airline flies direct from Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore to Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The airline flies from and to the Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport in Dubai. UAE is one of the main sources of income for the airline due to a large number of Pakistani expats living in the UAE. The airline also operates codeshare flights with Etihad Airways to various European and American destinations, PIA takes its passengers up to the Abu Dhabi and from there Etihad Airways flies them to their final destination.

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